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Developer Tools

Thinkin' Tags (YAML 4+)

Thinkin' Tags - Rapid Prototyping on a production ready code basis

Thinkin' Tags is a new interface builder for website and web applications with an unique visual workflow. It's the successor of the old YAML Builder with awesome features and great flexibility for your creativity.

Build your markup via drag & drop using powerful configurable layout modules based on CSS frameworks like YAML 4. Prototype your responsive designs with CSS3 and web fonts from Google Font Library while remaining full control over your code at any time.

Projects can contain multiple HTML pages, stylesheets and media files. New HTML pages and stylesheets can be created as blank files or as clones from existing files. Finally - when your work is done - export your projects as a ZIP archive.

Thinkin' Tags is available as a public alpha release and is completely free. Request an invite and become an official test today.

YAML Builder (YAML 3.x only)

YAML Builder

The YAML Builder is a tool for visually creating YAML-based CSS layouts, released in 2008. It allows for the setting of basic layout characteristics like the number and positioning of the content columns, as well as the dynamic creation of grid-based layouts by dragging and dropping building blocks into the layout.

The generated code (HTML/CSS) is based on the file structure of the "Simple Project" template, so that the complete result can be copied and pasted directly, without changing anything. The HTML markup, the screen layout, as well as the layout-specific adjustments for Internet Explorer 6 & 7 are generated on the fly.

The last official release 1.2.1 is based on the functionality of YAML 3.0.6 and does not support the creation of the full-page layout variations. The generated code is fully compatible with YAML 3.3.

CMS Integration

Templates & Online-Tutorials

Various third-party authors have come together in the YAML community: they have already developed templates for various CMS. I, Dirk Jesse, explicitly endorse the laudable development work of these authors. Here on YAML.de, they have a platform to present their projects. Some of them also provide support in the YAML community forums for their templates.

YAML-based templates have been prepared for many CMS. The following list is alphabetical.

CMS Template / Tutorial
CMSimple Template for CMSimple (based on YAML 2.5.1)
CMS Made Simple YAML-based Template
conceptCMS Adapted YAML files and CMS template - well structured documentation and implementation of YAML
Concrete5 "The Column Cruiser" Theme
Contao YAMLFRONT 3 - YAML & Contao (YAML 4)
Flexible Grids Extension (YAML 3.x)
YAML-Tools (YAML 3.x)
WorkShop & Screencast (YAML 3.x, german)
CoreMedia CMS The Starter Kit of CoreMedia CMS contains JSP-templates for a YAML based standard layout.
Contenido Online-Tutorial & PDF for implementation (german)
DotNetNuke YAML-based skin
Drupal "YAML for Drupal" - A highly configurable YAML-based template for Drupal

Support-Forum [de] | Support-Forum [en]

ExpressionEngine eeSiteKit 2.0 - A Website Development Framework For ExpressionEngine with YAML support
Gyro-PHP PHP based application framework with YAML integration
ImpressCMS Developer-Theme for ImpressCMS 1.2+
Joomla JYaml- Flexible Joomla! Templates with YAML - A highly configurable YAML-based theme for Joomla! 1.5+

Support-Forum [de] | Support-Forum [en]

MODx Online-Tutorial
OLAT OLAT - Open Source LMS - Learning Management Software with YAML-based templates
OpenPublisher OpenPublisher - PHP5 Content Management System
OpenText Best Practice Project 10.1 - a YAML based standard demo project
papaya CMS Template- und Themeset dr-yaml (based on YAML 2.5.1)
Papoo CMS with YAML-based standard templates
PHP Link Directory phpLD 5.0 (optional YAML based template included)
phpwcms Online-Tutorial & examples for implementation (german)
pragmaMx Four free YAML-based Themes (YAML Simple Project, Integral, Isometric, Stylevantage)
Redaxo Example implementations  for Redaxo 3.x and 4.x
SilverStripe short Online-Tutorial (German)
SYAML Developer-Theme based on YAML 3.x "Simple Project Template" (german docs).
Tutorial for YAML & Autoparser-Implementation (German)
Templates for TemplaVoila (db_ttv 4.0.4)

Support-Forum [de] | Support-Forum [en]

Website Baker Template auf Basis von YAMLs "Simple Project"
Wordpress Xtreme One Theme-Framework
Simplex Theme
xt:Commerce YAML for xt:Commerce
YAML for xt:C VEYTON 4

Support-Forum [de] | Support-Forum [en]

ZMS YAML 2.5 templates for ZMS 2.9+